Thursday 6 May 2010

Bob Young Says No to the West Harbour

Knock, knock. "Mr. Fan, you have a brown package waiting for you."

Bob Young just released a letter today saying that there is no way that the Tiger-Cats will move to the city's preferred new stadium site in the west harbour.

Now we all have to sit back and wait for the fallout.

About a month ago, I wrote about what I have learned about the proposed Pan Am Stadium. I admitted then, as I'll admit now, that I am not the most well-versed on this subject. There are a couple of comments from some people who have spent more time looking at this subject than I have.

From what Bob Young said today, it seems as if making the west-habour site work for the Tiger-Cats is near impossible. If his projections are correct, and the team would be sustaining losses of over seven million dollars per year, then there is no way the team can move there.

For too long the Tiger-Cats have been a charity case, and it's time for that to stop. I love the team, and I want to see them not just survive, but thrive. This new stadium was supposed to be the beginning of that transformation, and it's turned into an albatross that threatens to drag the team down.

A solution can, and must, be found. The future of the Tiger-Cats depends on it.

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