Sunday 2 May 2010

2010 CFL Draft (Round One)

The Picks
1) Saskatchewan - Shomari Williams, LB, Queen's
2) Toronto - Joe Eppele, OL, Washington State
3) Toronto - Cory Greenwood, LB, Concordia
4) BC - Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor
5) Calgary - Rob Maver, K, Guelph
6) Edmonton - Brian Bulcke, DT, Stanford
7) Montreal - Kristian Matte, OL, Concordia

My Thoughts
I've already talked about the Williams, Eppele and Greenwood selections in a previous post, so I won't bore you with more analysis on those players.

The Lions were initially pegged to Bishop's WR Shawn Gore, but with the news that Gore will sign with the Green Bay Packers, the Leos went out and grabbed Baylor OL Danny Watkins. Watkins has NFL potential, so he may not get to BC soon. The Lions needed O-line depth and adding Watkins addresses that need.

The Stampeders selected Guelph Place Kicker/Punter Rob Maver. This was a guy I was hoping would land in Hamilton. With Maver being able to both place kick and punt, this makes current Stampeder Burke Dales expendable. Let the Dales-to-Hamilton speculation begin.

The Eskimos and Blue Bombers made a trade. The deal sent the 9th and 22nd pick to Winnipeg in exchange for the 6th pick, which the Eskimos used to take Stanford Defensive Tackle Brian Bulcke. Bulcke will stay one more year at Stanford and won't be available until 2011. It will be difficult to judge this pick until he leaves Stanford.

The Alouettes ended the first round by taking Concordia Offensive Lineman Kristian Matte. Matte, a product of the Quebec football system, has signed with the Houston Texans and probably won't be in Montreal this season, at least until Labour Day. The Als can afford to wait, and usually do. The Als are notorious for taking players who don't arrive right away. But with the success the Als have had over the last 15 years, no one should question their approach.

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