Sunday 2 May 2010

2010 CFL Draft (Rounds Three through Six)

Round Three
16) BC - Joash Gesse, LB, Montreal
17) Calgary - John Bender, OL, Nevada
18) Toronto - Spencer Watt, WR, Simon Fraser
19) Hamilton - Samuel Fournier, RB, Laval
20) BC - Hamid Mahmoudi, DB, Montreal
21) Calgary - J'Michael Deane, OL, Michigan State
22) Hamilton - Eddie Steele, DT, Manitoba
23) Montreal - Marc-Olivier Brouillete, QB, Montreal

My Thoughts
The Ti-Cats finally made a selection, grabbing Laval Running Back Samuel Fournier. While listed as a Running Back, Fournier is a Fullback, meaning that John Williams will likely not be back in Black & Gold in June.

The Cats' second pick was a home-freaking-run with the selection of University of Manitoba Defensive Tackle Eddie Steele. Steele adds much-needed depth to a very potential-laden D-line.

The other pick of note is the Alouettes' selection of Université de Montréal Quarterback Marc-Olivier Brouillete. My interest went down considerably when it was discovered that he will attempt to play WR in the CFL.

Round Four
24) BC - Nate Binder, WR, Tusculum College
25) Winnipeg - Akeem Foster, WR, St. Francis Xavier
26) Toronto - Joel Reinders, OT, Waterloo
27) Hamilton - Chris Rwabukamba, DB, Duke
28) Winnipeg - Christopher Smith, LB, Queen's
29) Winnipeg - Anthony Woodson, RB, Calgary
30) Toronto - Steven Turner, WR, Bishop's
31) Montreal - Ryan Bomben, OL, Guelph

My Thoughts
The Tiger-Cats' third pick was Duke Defensive Back Chris Rwabukamba. Rwabukamba still has one season of NCAA eligibility left, so he won't be in Hamilton this season, but much like with Ryan Hinds last year, the team selected a player with enormous potential. Also similar to Hinds is that Rwabukamba is a Corner, not a Safety, which means if both players live up to their potential they could be ratio busters.

One of my favourite players heading into the draft was Bishop's WR Steven Turner. Point blank, the kid is fast. The Argos nabbing him with the 30th pick is a downright steal. He still has unlimited potential and will be an explosive Kick Returner.

The Argos also grabbed Waterloo Offensive Lineman Joel Reinders with the 26th pick. Reinders was considered by many to be a player with first-round potential. Him falling into the Argos' lap in the fourth round is an even bigger steal than Turner.

Round Five
32) Toronto - Michael Warner, OL, Waterloo
33) Saskatchewan - Patrick Neufeld, OL, Saskatchewan
34) BC - Cauchy Muamba, DB, St. Francis Xavier
35) Edmonton - Scott Ferguson, OL, St. Cloud State
36) Hamilton - Justin Palardy, Place Kicker/Punter, Saint Mary's
37) Calgary - Karl McCartney, LB, Saint Mary's
38) Saskatchewan - Bruno LaPointe, DL, Buffalo
39) Montreal - Brian Ridgeway, LB, Simon Fraser

My Thoughts
FINALLY! We have our Canadian Punter! With the Cats' final selection in the 2010 CFL Draft, the team addressed the one glaring need left, which was a Punter. The team chose Justin Palardy of Saint Mary's to fill the void. Good pick, a need pick, and I'm glad we got a guy for the job while not giving up any roster players.

Round Six
40) Toronto - Nasser Jamal, OL, UL-Lafayette
41) BC - Adam Baboulas, OL, Saint Mary's
42) BC - Matthew Chapdelaine, WR, Simon Fraser
43) Edmonton - Corbin Sharun, QB, St. Francis Xavier
44) Toronto - Conor Elliot, LB, Western
45) Winnipeg - Christopher Greaves, DL, Western
46) Calgary - Oama Culbreath, OL, UBC
47) Montreal - Justin Conn, LB, Bishop's

My Thoughts
Another QB selected, this time by Edmonton. Unlike the Als' earlier QB pick, I do not know if the Esks will be looking for St. FX's Corbin Sharun to switch positions. My guess would be that he will, but we'll have to wait and see.

My Overall Draft Thoughts
This was my first foray into analyzing the CFL Draft. I will admit that most of my knowledge came from Duane Forde. He is by far the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the CFL Draft, so if he says it, it's good enough for me.

I will have my thoughts on the Ti-Cats' draft sometime tomorrow, so I won't focus on what they did today aside from my blurbs above.

The one team that I have to give major credit to, and it pains me to do so, is Toronto. They hauled in some excellent talent. After trading away the 1st overall pick, they nabbed two potential starters in Joe Eppele and Cory Greenwood with the 2nd and 3rd overall picks. Later on they were able to acquire Bishop's WR Steven Turner (who I have decided deserves the nickname, "The Human After Burner") and Waterloo OL Joel Reinders. One of Jim Barker's assets is that he has a very keen eye for talent. He proved his worth today with the haul that the Argos brought in.

The draft is now in the books. As I said, I will be posting a piece about the Tiger-Cats' draft within the next 24 hours. Once that is up and ready to read, we are off and running towards the start of the 2010 CFL season.

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