Saturday 16 July 2011

The Tiger-Cats Doughnut is Back... But Better

Around this time last year, Tim Horton's released a doughnut featuring the logo and colours of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

When people think of Hamilton, they think of steel mills, Tim Horton's and the Tiger-Cats. A Tiger-Cat doughnut at Tim Horton's couldn't make more sense.

While I ate my fair share of the doughnut last year, I wasn't a huge fan of it. The taste wasn't great.

A year later and the doughnut returns... but better.

This season's incarnation has lost the sprinkles in favour of a chocolate icing top with two lines of white icing on the sides. The creme centre returns, but the shape is different. Basically, the thing looks like an edible football. The taste is fantastic, and if you are like me and enjoy the Boston creme doughnut, this one is for you. In my highly biased opinion, this doughnut knocks it out of the park. Score: 10/10

Honestly, there is no need to try to improve on this in the future. They have nailed the Tiger-Cat doughnut, in my opinion. I'm sure I will be eating many of these over the next few months.

Well done, Tim Horton's.

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