Tuesday 26 July 2011

Power Poll (Week 4)

Ranking teams is always subjective because you have to take into account more than just a team's record. The way a team plays means more sometimes than what their win-loss difference is. But win-loss does help to distinguish teams. This week, win-loss helped immensely.

1. Edmonton Eskimos (Last Week: 2)

The last of the unbeatens. Raise your hand if you had this at the beginning of the season. No one saw this coming. But Edmonton has done everything they are supposed to do. They've won at home; they've won on the road; they've blown teams out; they've won nail biters. Edmonton, right now, is the best team in the CFL. Wow, that felt weird to write.

2. Montreal Alouettes (Last Week: 1)

I nearly kept the Als at the top because even though they lost, they did so without Anthony Calvillo for most of the game. But even with Calvillo, it felt like the Riders would at least keep it close, if not win. The Als did not look great, whereas Edmonton did. For that reason, the Als drop one spot.

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Last Week: 4)

I very nearly put Winnipeg ahead of Montreal, but the Bombers have only really put together a complete game once. That once was this past weekend in Toronto, but I need to see more out of the Bombers before I feel comfortable placing them ahead of Montreal.

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Last Week: 6)

I can already hear the calls of homerism coming from my detractors, but hear me out. The Cats have played two very good games the past two weeks – both wins – whereas the only team that could conceivably be ahead of them out of the remaining teams – Calgary – have not looked good pretty much all season. If the Cats and Stamps were to play today on a neutral field, I think the Cats would be the favourite. For that reason, the Tabbies jump above the Stampeders.

5. Calgary Stampeders (Last Week: 3)

I really do not know what to make of the Stampeders. They haven't looked convincing in either of their wins, and they didn't look good in either of their losses. They have the talent to be the best team in the league, but there is just something off with them. I have confidence that they could beat the teams below them (somewhat), but from week to week, you have no idea what you're going to get out of Calgary.

6. Saskatchewan Roughriders (Last Week: 8)

It doesn't take long to get from the outhouse to the third floor of an apartment complex. The Riders looked downright atrocious in their three losses, but that goes away, for the most part, because they went into Montreal and beat the Alouettes. They are the first team to beat Montreal at home in July since Marc Trestman became Head Coach. Now we'll see if the Riders can keep the mojo going, as they have a home date with the number-five-ranked Stampeders in Week 5.

7. Toronto Argonauts (Last Week: 5)

If these were the whiner rankings, the Argos would finish first. The Boatmen have not looked good since their season-opening win in Calgary. Something is wrong in Argoland, and it begins with the Quarterback position. I know, I know, everyone harps on the Argos' QBing, but until it's fixed, it will be what defines the Double Blue. The Argos are on a three-game losing streak and face their most difficult game of the year: on the road against the undefeated Eskimos.

8. BC Lions (Last Week: 7)

A team has to be at the bottom, and despite their overall good play, the Lions are the only winless team left in the CFL, so they occupy the number-eight spot. It was very tempting to put the Lions ahead of the Argos because, to be honest, I think if these two teams played that BC would win; however, until they do so, I just can't put them ahead of Toronto. That opinion may change next week, but as of right now, the Lions sit in last.

Highest Climb: Hamilton, Saskatchewan (+2)
Steepest Fall: Calgary, Toronto (-2)


  1. "If these were the whiner rankings, the Argos would finish first." Quantify this statement. It's tough to peruse your blog sometimes when I see tasteless comments like this! I get that you don't like the Argos, but jabs are necessary.

  2. Did you hear the post-game comment from Jim Barker, Ricky Foley and Jeremaine Copeland? All they did was complain about the refereeing.

    Barker acted like a complete fool in comparing the hits on Lemon and Pierce; Foley called a call "bullshit" -- which might be valid -- but then he was angry about being called for a penalty, claiming it was only the second time he'd been flagged for a late hit; Copeland said that the league is "protecting some people a little bit more." It was whine, whine, whine from the Boatmen after their loss to Winnipeg.

    Sorry, but when you cry that much, and it starts with the man in charge, you get labeled whiners. You didn't see any BC players complaining after their loss last week, and they were on the wrong end of some questionable calls.

    I do hate the Argos, but I would label any team whiners if they pissed and moaned about the refs following a loss. Fans doing it is one thing. Players and coaches doing it is completely different.