Friday, 26 October 2012

Goodbye Ivor Wynne Stadium

For my entire life, I have only had one football home: Ivor Wynne Stadium. It has been there since before I was born and I, as well as everyone else, will file in one last time to watch a Tiger-Cat game.

Seeing an old stadium torn down to make way for a new one is always bittersweet, especially one with as much history as Ivor Wynne. Whether it is the 1972 Grey Cup, the 1996 Grey Cup, the 1998 East Final or any other moment, Ivor Wynne Stadium has been home to some of the CFL's greatest events.

The Ti-Cats getting fancy new digs is long overdue, but there will always be a part of me that will miss Ivor Wynne Stadium. Some say the stadium is a good representative of the city it sits in; it's tough, old school, a working class stadium for a historically working class town. There is nothing flashy about Ivor Wynne Stadium; it is about as utilitarian as it can get.

Ivor Wynne Stadium is an iconic landmark in a country that doesn't celebrate its iconic landmarks like it should. I've often called it the greatest place to watch a game and I stand by that claim. For me, Ivor Wynne Stadium is the best and second place isn't even close.

But it is not all sadness because out of the ashes of Ivor Wynne Stadium comes a brand new stadium for all of us to enjoy. Forget the politics of it all, forget the squabbles that lead to using the same site, now is not the time for any of that. Now is the time to say goodbye to one of the last iconic stadia in Canada while saying hello to what will hopefully be a stadium that will stand for another 80 years.

There will never be another Ivor Wynne Stadium, so when you head to the stadium tomorrow, take a couple extra seconds to soak it all in one final time. I know I will.

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