Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Aaron Hunt Tweets About Ti-Cats' Issues

Many have wondered about why the Ti-Cats have failed to reach the lofty expectations that greeted them at the start of the season. There has been speculation ranging from locker room turmoil to player-coach clashes to coach-coach clashes. No one has yet said definitively just why the Ti-Cats have struggled so mightily this season.

Until now, sort of.

Former CFL all-star defensive lineman Aaron Hunt took to Twitter this evening and spilled some beans on just what the Ti-Cats' problems are. This is information he said he got from players, so it is probably pretty accurate. He doesn't name which players gave him this information, for obvious reasons, but there doesn't seem to be any reason to not believe him. He could be making everything up, but would be the point in that? Hunt is currently out of the league after being released by the Montreal Alouettes in July.

Anyway, here are the tweets from Hunt regarding the reasons behind Hamilton's problems this season. You can decide for yourself whether Hunt is credible or not.

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