Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Friend Steve is a Game Changer

A little over a week ago, I wrote a post about my friend Steve and why I nominated him to be a Scotiabank Game Changer.

I am proud to announce that Steve has been selected as the Scotiabank Game Changer for this week's Tiger-Cat game against the Montreal Alouettes. He will receive a cheque for $1,000 that will go to Hamilton Health Sciences.

If you read my initial post on this, you know how I feel about Steve and his charity efforts. He is the most selfless person I know and I was proud to nominate him. I am so happy that he was selected and that his name and brand (High Fives 2 Help Lives) will get more publicity and get scene around the country. More people need to know what great work he does and that is one of the reasons why I nominated him as a Game Changer.

As great as it is that Steve has won the $1,000 for Hamilton Health Sciences, the work is not done yet. There is still a chance for Steve to go to the Grey Cup, represent Hamilton and come home with $100,000 for Hamilton Health Sciences.

To everyone who has voted, I give you my sincere thanks. I may have nominated him, but his hard work and your votes are what helped make this happen. I was but a cog, and a small one at that, in a much larger machine. You, the voters, and Steve, the great man that he is, are the main reasons why I can now call my friend a Scotiabank Game Changer.

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