Tuesday 3 July 2012

Hamilton's 2012 Intro Video

One of the cool things about attending so many live games is that you get to see stuff at the stadium that the fan watching at home does not. One of those things is the debut of the latest intro video for the Tiger-Cats. They do these videos every year, and this year's version rivals the 2009 version as the best one the team has done.

I always feel like the song choice makes or breaks the video. Last year's video, for instance, featured a generic version of Metallica's "Master of Puppets," which is a great song to get you pumped up (I hate metal and I like that song), but only if it's the original. The 2009 and 2012 videos share one thing in common about their songs: they come from film scores.

What most don't know about me is that I'm a bit of a nut about movie scores. I own more than my fair share of film scores (and not just ones from Star Wars, either). Two of my favourite films scores are from Requiem for a Dream and Inception. It is also no coincidence that my two favourite songs from said scores are used in my two favourite intro videos: "Lux Aeterna" from Requiem and "Mind Heist" from Inception. (Side note: before I get a deluge of comments or e-mails calling me an idiot, I know the versions of the songs used aren't actually from those scores: the extended version of "Lux Aeterna" used in the '09 video is most known for being used in the trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and "Mind Heist" was only in the Inception trailer, not the actual film.)

Both songs give off the epic feel that I believe makes the videos all the more entertaining. I know when I watch them I get more than a little excited for the game that is about to be played. I still put the 2009 video ahead of the new video because of the blatant Batman allusions – I love Batman almost as much as I love my own family – and I have enjoyed "Lux Aeterna" longer than I have "Mind Heist." Both are great songs, but I've loved "Lux Aeterna" for over a decade, so I have to give the 2009 video the nod.

That said, this year's video is excellent and whoever put it together deserves major kudos. It's a great way to start every game and I look forward to seeing it eight more times this year.

For those wondering, here is my favourite intro video from 2009:


  1. Thanks Josh - I missed the intro getting to the game late. I'll look forward to seeing it on the big screen... love the historical angle the Cats have taken with it, very well done.

    Looking back at the 2009 video it's amazing how those players were seemingly poised to "lead the team" into a new era under Bellefeuille. Porter lost his starting job to Glenn partway through the season, Thompson was traded the following winter for Mann, Rodriguez got hurt then faded into obscurity after making the rounds of the CFL, and Setta injured his back ending what was looking like a long and productive career as Ticat kicker. Knowlton (not highlighted but standing among the group at the end) was the only one with staying power who excelled in the subsequent seasons.

    1. When I found the 2009 video, the first thing that I noticed was how Porter was the only one featured (I didn't include Knowlton) that is still on the team three years later.