Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wayne Finds Home... Giguère too?

A couple of pieces of Tiger-Cat news on this late Saturday morning.

It didn't take long for Wayne Smith to find a new home, as the former Tiger-Cat has signed with the Toronto Argonauts. Smith was released earlier this week, and it was only a matter of time before he found a new team.

And the man that has captured many Tiger-Cat fans imaginations for the better part of four years released a somewhat cryptic tweet that could signify he is ready to begin his CFL career. Sam Giguère posted on Twitter the simple message "I'm coming home" at 10:21AM. If the tweet has anything to do with his football career it can mean one of two things, in my opinion.

First, that Giguère has signed a deal to become a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, with the "home" in this case being Canada. He has been Hamilton's property since he was drafted in the first round, eighth overall, in he 2008 CFL Draft. Secondly, he has been traded to, and signed with, the Alouettes – which he has said he would like – and the "home" in this case is Montreal.

If Hamilton has signed Giguère, that would give them three potential starting, non-import Receivers, with Andy Fantuz and Dave Stala already in the fold. Having that amount of Canadian talent at one position would give the Tiger-Cats amazing ratio flexibility. Of course, the team is already plenty loaded at Receiver, so adding Giguère could pose a problem. In my opinion, the likely outcome of a Giguère signing in Hamilton would be the trade or release of Dave Stala.

If Giguère was dealt to Montreal, it will be interesting to see what Hamilton received as compensation. Bob O'Billovich has been pretty adamant that if Giguère comes north, he will do so in Tiger-Cat colours. That means any deal for Giguère, especially one to a division rival such as Montreal, would have to be substantial. Hamilton has no incentive to make a deal; they have been patient thus far with Giguère, so unless Montreal made a mind-blowing offer, I can't see how Obie would have been motivated to move off his previous stance.

If the tweet was CFL related, then the Sam Giguère saga will finally have an ending. Regardless of what that ending is, it will be nice that it is finally over.


  1. Yes, put this to bed. Please.

    Even if the Cats have signed him, they would be foolish to simply trade away Stala and pencil this guy into the mix. For all the fanfare, he still has to prove he belongs on a gameday roster.

    Check out his website though - references to bobsledding, on the front page and a recent blog entry. That may just be another reason for him to come "home".

    1. He's coming back from vacation in Florida. People have to stop reaching by creeping twitter accounts.

    2. I wouldn't exactly call it creeping when you post something that anyone/everyone can see.