Tuesday 20 March 2012

Tebow the Tiger-Cat

Since being installed as the starting Quarterback for the Denver Broncos last October, no player has been more polarizing than Tim Tebow.

His supporters bring up his intangibles, mainly how he has won at every level he has played. His detractors point out his lack of polished skills, mainly how he is an inaccurate passer. Both sides have their points, but I think it is too early to tell what kind of player Tebow will be; two seasons and 13 starts does not a career make.

But the Denver Broncos have decided to move on from Tebow, having signed four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning to led the team. That means Tebow's football future lies somewhere other than the Colorado capital.

One of those places could be Hamilton.

Sportnet's Arash Madani tweeted that Tebow's CFL negotiation rights belong to the Tiger-Cats. It's highly unlikely that Tebow will play in the CFL; there should be plenty of suitors for the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner who helped guide the Broncos to an improbable AFC West division title and first-round playoff upset of the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011.

But should Tebow find his NFL opportunities not to his liking, he could end up coming to Hamilton. Tebow is not unfamiliar with the CFL, as it was none other than Montreal Alouettes Head Coach Marc Trestman that worked with Tebow prior to the 2010 NFL Draft. Also, former players like Matt Dunigan and Doug Flutie have been asked about whether Tebow could be a success in the CFL.

Tebow becoming a Tiger-Cat now or at any time in the future is extremely slim, but it is fun to think about what "Tebowmania" would look like north of the border.

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