Sunday, 18 March 2012

Introducing Canada's Smartest Person

Peter Dyakowski is about to become a lot more recognizable. The starting Guard for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats has been named Canada's Smartest Person.

Dyakowski took part in the CBC program and finished first, defeating three other competitors to take home the crown. Dyakowski finished first during the preliminary challenges with 46 points. He went on to defeat Mississauga's Laura Suen in the finals.

Dyakowski did excellent in all six categories, but it was his come-from-behind victory in the finals that will be what is remembered most. His size hurt him initially when he stumbled out of the gate but he made his time up during the math portion and then steamrolled through the rest.

He was quiet dominant throughout the competition and is very deserving of the title. Whenever he is announced prior to Hamilton Tiger-Cat home games he can deservedly be introduced as Canada's Smartest Person.

Congratulations Peter. Job well done.

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