Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rumour: Thigpen Signs With Miami

According to Hamilton Tiger-Cat Receiver Jeremy Kelley, Marcus Thigpen is about to become the newest member of the Miami Dolphins.

Thigpen used the option year in his contract – which was signed before that window was closed to players with the new CBA in 2010 – to explore his NFL opportunities. It looks as if the Dolphins liked what they saw when Thigpen worked out for them in mid-December.

We'll know what chances Thigpen has of sticking around once the contract details come out, but with his speed, he could be a very dangerous Kick Returner, not unlike former BC Lion Stefan Logan.

Obviously, a tweet from a player is not irrefutable proof, but I would imagine that unless Kelley was given some really bad information, confirmation will be coming in the morning.

As of now, it looks like the Tiger-Cats most explosive player has taken his talents to South Beach. (I won't do that again, I promise.)


  1. Pretty confident we can find a replacement. Thigpen was a versatile and explosive player.

    But so, for example, was Terry Grant (in the few games he was able to play... hopefully he's fully healthy again by training camp)

    Best of luck and success Marcus.

  2. I think Grant would be first on the list to replace Thigpen. Chris Williams might take on some kick return duties as well. Of course, the team could have someone we've never heard of (like Thigpen was before 2010) come in a do a masterful job. We'll have to wait and see.