Friday, 13 January 2012

New Stadium, New Alignment

It looks like everything at the new Ivor Wynne Stadium will be different, as the idea of rotating the stadium has now been made public.

It had long been rumoured that this was a possibility, and now it is definitely a possibility, and it may even be an inevitability. This was obviously not in the plans when the north stands were simply being renovated, but this became a viable option once news came out that those stands needed to be completely replaced as well.

Changing the stadium's orientation would provide that new fan experience that the Tiger-Cats have been trumpeting for a while now. It is no surprise that it was the team that brought the idea up.

Nothing is concrete, and we won't know until July if the change will occur. Still, it does make for some interesting water-cooler talk for the next couple of days or weeks, while we all wait for the start of free agency on February 15th.

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