Sunday, 23 October 2011

Morning-After Thoughts (Week 17)

Uncertainty still reigns in the CFL. We know that Hamilton will be on the road for the playoffs, but that's the only thing we do know. Edmonton, BC and Calgary all still have a shot at first in the West, and Montreal and Winnipeg still have to decide who wants to be the East Division champions. A lot could be decided by the end of next week, but like everything in the CFL this year, we'll have to wait and see.
  1. Sad news this week as the CFL mourns the loss of Tommy Grant. Grant spent the majority of his career with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, appearing in nine Grey Cups. I never had the opportunity to watch Grant play, but from all the stories, he was truly one of the greats. He will be missed.
  2. The CFL (and TSN) unveiled a new marketing slogan this week: "No Lead is Safe." I think it's lame. Very, very lame.
  3. It was the CFL Pink weekend (as I'm sure you all noticed) where the CFL did their part to help "tackle women's cancers." From all the pink that was worn and sold, it looks like it will be a big success. (But next year, please do away with the pink flags.)
  4. And now that the CFL has shown they will do their part to help, it's time they got out there and supported the Movember movement. With the majority of CFL fans being males, it only makes sense for the league to do something to help promote a very worthwhile cause.
  5. Chad Owens had a fumble problem on Friday. Twice he fumbled the football when no one was around him; he simply just dropped the ball. You can't let that happen once, let alone twice.
  6. That's the Fred Stamps we all know.
  7. Excellent onside kick by the Argos. Loved the execution.
  8. With all the talk of Henry Burris heading to Toronto in the off-season, I will state one last time: Quarterback is not the problem in Toronto! It wasn't the problem with Cleo Lemon and it's not the problem with Steven Jyles. Yes, the play from the QB could be better, but the Argos are not losing (or at least were not losing when Lemon was piloting the Offense) because of the man under Centre.
  9. It is complete inexplicable, and downright moronic even, to have Darian Durant playing in a meaningless game with a broken bone in his foot. The Riders are out, and this time could be better used by evaluating younger players to see if they have a future in Saskatchewan. Get Durant off the field!
  10. Drew Tate's first start had its ups and downs, but he showed exactly why so many – including myself – think he is going to be a star in the CFL.
  11. I've seen some bad Offenses in my day – anyone remember the Joe Paopao era in Hamilton? – but Saskatchewan going over 18 quarters without an offensive touchdown ranks up there with the worst of all time.
  12. Was that Joffrey Reynolds I saw on Friday night?
  13. Welcome back to the CFl, Jamie Boreham
  14. Can someone, anyone, explain to me why the Bombers ran that play with three seconds left in the first half?
  15. What was Winnipeg thinking with those rugby-style punts?
  16. That had to be one of he five worst games of Anthony Calvillo's career. He was off his game from the very beginning.
  17. It started strong, with a catch on the first play from scrimmage, but Arland Bruce's return to Hamilton was nothing more than a footnote after the game. Bruce, like the entire BC Offense, was a complete non-factor.
  18. It seemed as if Saturday was "Stupid Play Day" as BC tried one of the worst fake punts in the history of professional football. It makes no sense to call that play, and it looks especially bad because it was intercepted by Ray Mariuz, who took it to the house for his first career touchdown.
  19. With two games left, and 226 yards separating them, one has to wonder if Geroy Simon will break Milt Stegall's receiving yards record this year or next.
  20. Winnipeg's comeback (or Montreal's choke job, depending on your perspective) was the only blemish on the record this week. Another 3-1 puts my overall total at a very respectable 39-25. Getting to 50 wins is likely out of the question (I'd have to 11-2 over the final two weeks and playoffs), but I have improved in my amateur prognostication from last season.

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