Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Giguère Speaks and He May Want Out

Sam Giguère has become a mythical figure amongst many Tiger-Cat fans. He is seen as one of those once-in-a-generation Canadian talents, a player that could transcend simply being a Canadian Receiver and become something much more special. Tiger-Cat fans have waited, some with baited breath, for Giguère to come north. But based on his own words, it looks like if Giguère does come back to Canada, he has his eyes on another team.

Not so surprisingly, the Sherebrooke, Quebec native seems to want to play for the Montreal Alouettes.

The Tiger-Cats still hold Giguère's rights, and have since drafting him in the first round back in 2008, but it looks like if he does decide to give up his NFL dream – and there is no indication he is ready to do that – he might try to angle for a trade out of Hamilton.

I realize that this is all just speculation, and perhaps I am jumping to conclusions based on one innocent tweet, but it sure looks to me like Giguère wants to play in Montreal. It makes me wonder if the reason he has yet to come to the CFL is because the Alouettes do not own his rights.

For a guy who has never played one down in the CFL, he sure has attracted a lot of attention. It'll be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out over the coming months.

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  1. If that is the case (and I don't subscribe to Twitter so I don't know what he actually said), I would trade his rights.

    It would be nice to get *something* for him should it come to a situation where he just doesn't want to sign here. The team can probably afford to just say "too bad, you can sit", so Popp would not have too much leverage over Obie (if any) but the Cats do need to keep improving in many areas so a trade would be wiser.

    What would that trade look like? A first rounder for him as a former first rounder? A first plus something lesser, because he's hung in the NFL for a bit of time? A current player? A current player plus a pick? Part of a bigger package of multiple players? I don't know.