Monday, 10 October 2011

A Call to Fans

I, like many of you, sat in my seat on Friday night, apoplectic about what I was witnessing on the field. It was another disappointing showing from the Tiger-Cats in a big game. It was an all-to-familiar sight.

Fans booed, the team, but I did not. I never feel like it is right to boo the home team. I don't begrudge those that boo, but I won't join them. Like leaving a game before the final whistle, it is just something I will never do.

That doesn't mean I wasn't angry or frustrated about what was happening. Like the 23,000-plus that spent their money to attend the game, I expected better. I expected an effort. I expected a good game. I, and everyone else, did not get that. Not even close.

Following a loss, I avoid the Tiger-Cats forum, I don't listen to the Fifth Quarter after the game or the Tiger-Cats Show on Monday. It always seems like the same voices making the same complaints.

"Bench Glenn."

"Fire Bellefeulle."

"I'm done with this team."

I have made my feelings known about Tiger-Cat fans in the past, but I won't be blasting my Black & Gold brethren this time, even thought I stand by my previous statements about them. In fact, I'm going to do the opposite. I'm going to issue a call to all fans of the Tiger-Cats. My plea is this:

Don't lose faith.

I know it is hard, and watching the team seemingly sleepwalk through another middling performance can test any fans patience, so I understand people's frustrations. But while it was a bad game, this is not a bad team. This is a very talented team. Just look at the lineup:
  • Kevin Glenn
  • Avon Cobourne
  • Chris Williams
  • Dave Stala
  • Peter Dyakowski
  • Marwan Hage (when healthy)
  • Stevie Baggs
  • Justin Hickman
  • Rey Williams
  • Jamall Johnson
  • Markeith Knowlton
  • Justin Medlock
  • Marcus Thigpen
That is as talented a group as any in the CFL, and that doesn't include youngsters Ryan Hinds, Eddie Steele and Terry Grant, who are all starting to come into their own. Once those guys truly grasp the pro game, watch out.

I know that the Tiger-Cats have been disappointing this season with their inconsistency, but I'm not ready to give up.

And I won't give up; not until the final whistle has blown on their season. That could be anywhere from Week 19 to Grey Cup Sunday.

Call me foolish, call me an idiot, call me delusional, but I still think that this team can win the Grey Cup this year. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having is ever easy. I won't be ready to concede that the Cats won't win the Grey Cup until they are officially out of the playoffs. I have seen too many strange things to write anyone off, let alone my favourite team.

I am keeping the faith, and I implore my fellow fans to follow suit. If you need to criticize, go ahead. If you want to complain, feel free. But, please, do not give up on this team.

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  1. Finally, someone with enough common sense. I too can't stand the negativity on the Ticat forums. What people don't understand is that things could be worse. We have made the playoffs in the last 2 years and we are on the verge of a third. I remember like everyone else the lean years and there have been many.This team does frustrate me, but I love them and that will never change.