Monday 18 October 2010

(Slightly Shorter) Morning-After Thoughts (Week 16)

I didn't get the chance to watch all the games this week so my thoughts won't be as long as normal. Usually when I miss a game, I will watch a replay later, but I don't have that luxury this week. I saw some of each game, so I will have at least one thought on each contest. I hope to be able to watch all of the games next week.
  1. The Argos should have pulled Cory Boyd, especially after the second injury. I don't know how anyone could think it was OK to put Boyd out there.
  2. It's about time someone took a shot at Chip Cox. He's the CFL's version of Rodney Harrison. He's dirty, plain and simple.
  3. Brock Ralph only has a job because of his birth certificate. Simply put, he's terrible.
  4. Based on the past few weeks, it looks to me like Edmonton wants to make the playoffs more than the Lions. If the Eskies do somehow get into the playoffs, and say they win a game, would that save Richie Hall's job?
  5. Is the Tiger-Cat Defense the best in the CFL? Their front seven definitely are, especially since the addition of Stevie Baggs.
  6. The Argos need a QB; they will not win in the playoffs with Cleo Lemon. He's regressing, not progressing.
  7. That run by Ricky Ray in the first quarter against BC was fantastic. I have never seen the seas part to that extent before. When Ray took off, there wasn't anyone within 40 yards of him.
  8. With the loss, I think Winnipeg's playoff chances are just about nil. They have the foundation for a very good football team. Jyles, Reid, Edwards, Willis, Hunt and Johnson are a great nucleus to build around. They will scare teams next year.
  9. The mystique seems to have worn off Mosaic. That's two consecutive losses by the Riders at home. The West Final might not be so set in stone.
  10. One game. Once again I came one game short of going 4-0. This time it was the Riders that cost me a perfect week. But I had the Cats, Esks and Als, so the 3-1 record puts me at 33-27 on the season.

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