Thursday 24 June 2010

Roster Moves

The Cats have just made numerous cuts, and some have left me scratching my head:
  • Reggie Fish (WR)
  • Samuel Fournier (FB)
  • Andrew Hamilton (RB)
  • Jonathan Hood (LB)
  • Glenn MacKay (WR)
  • Martin Manson (DB)
  • Matt Morencie (OL)
  • Albert Smith (DL)
  • Matt Spanos (OL)
  • Eddie Steele (DL)
  • Jason Vega (DL)
Now, some of these players will be signed to the practice squad tomorrow, but the release of Fish, Fournier, MacKay, Manson and Steele really surprises me. Fish was just re-signed this week; Fournier and Steele were 2010 draft picks; MacKay played phenomenally in the game against Winnipeg; Manson seemed to have locked up the Kick Returner spot (maybe Demetris Summers will be the team's primary return man). Some of these moves have left me scratching my head. I guess this is why I'm not the one in charge of the club.

The Cats also put Agustin Barrenechea, Jason Boltus and Adam Nicolson on the one-game injured list, and James Hargrave and Jason Jimenez on the nine-game injured list. I guess Jimenez is more hurt than previously thought.

1 comment:

  1. Morencie too - hope he's added as well. I don't know the current rules, but aren't other teams allowed to snatch players off PRs? Calgary already has Carlson... might they go fishing for another young OL who had upside?

    If he's wide open fair game, then someone will probably pick him up.