Saturday 10 November 2012

Climbing Aboard the Grey Cup Train

When the Grey Cup Tour was announced the first thing I did was go through the schedule to find out when the train would be stopping in Hamilton and today was that day. So I headed down to check out the train this morning and man did it not disappoint.

For starters, the place was packed. It was nearly impossible to find a parking spot and I got there just after 10:00AM, which was when the thing started. By the time I left, people had decided to make makeshift parking spots and began parking on the grass above the parking lot. It was a huge turnout and shows just how much the people of Hamilton love the CFL.

And all those people who went were very satisfied. There were things to do other than see the train – like get autographs from Tiger-Cat legends, get a penny pressed with a Grey Cup insignia, have your picture taken with the Grey Cup – but the train itself was the main event.

For anyone who fancies themselves a CFL fan, but especially those that love the history of the league, the train is a must see. Old trophies, equipment from years gone by, stories about major moments in league history and Grey Cup rings were all there for fans to appreciate. There were so many cool things to see that you really need to check out the train to really appreciate it.

And time is running out to see it. There are only a couple of stops left, so if you haven't checked the train out yet, you don't have many opportunities left. The tour ends in Toronto next Saturday, so if you couldn't make it out to this Saturday's Hamilton stop, I suggest you take a trip down to Toronto to catch a glimpse. It is well worth time.

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