Sunday 19 February 2012

What's Still Left to Do

It was a slow start to free agency for the Tiger-Cats, but the slew of signings on Friday and Saturday saw the team fill some holes and upgrade its talent.

But that doesn't mean the work is done for the Ti-Cats' front office; Hamilton still have some questions that need addressing.

First and foremost is either signing or parting ways with Kicker Justin Medlock. The former being much more preferable than the latter, but Hamilton has to decide one way or another what they are going to do with their kicking game. Bringing Medlock back should have been a priority before free agency started, but with his desire to try out for NFL teams, that was obviously not possible. Medlock seems open to returning, so the Cats need to get him signed. Now that the team has finished the bulk of their major free agent upgrades, it's time to focus heavily on bringing Medlock back for the 2012 season.

Many, including myself, expected the Cats to upgrade their young Secondary during free agency, but when the BC Lions decide to sign almost every available Defensive Back, the Cats were left with few options. They could still go after Brandon Isaac, Mark Estelle or Tad Kornegay, but I get the feeling the team will stand pat.

The team signed Offensive Lineman Tim O'Neill and Defensive Lineman Greg Peach, but some more help along the lines is probably still needed. Not to start – both Lines look to have their units set – but for depth. That could come in the form of American free agent camps or the draft (or last year's draft picks, like Offensive Lineman Moe Petrus), so unless someone like Rob Murphy, Taylor Robertson or Alex Buzbee agree to sign for cheap, the Cats are likely done exploring the open market for help along the lines.

The Tiger-Cats have already made a lot of changes as we inch closer to the start of the 2012 regular season and more changes are sure to come. The team has done a lot, but there is still more left to do.

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