Thursday 1 July 2010

Firewoks in Regina on Canada Day

That's the way to start a season! Is there any question that the best football is Canadian football?

If the Alouettes-Roughriders game was a taste of things to come, I have no doubt the 2010 CFL Season will be one of the best ever. Looks like both teams picked up right where they left off in 2009, and then some. This game had it all. Back and forth action, great plays by both teams and more fireworks than you'd see at Pier 4. And overtime to boot! What a fantastic game. Words do not do this game justice. Do whatever you can to see this game. It was that good!

Calvillo showed that he's as good as ever, Durant looks like he's ready to make the jump to the elite level and the WRs for both teams (Fantuz, Bagg, Dressler and Getzlaf for Saskatchewan; Watkins, Bratton and Richardson for Montreal) looked tremendous. S.J. Green made one of the nicest catches I've ever seen in my entire life. Make sure you find a replay of that catch; it's needs to be seen to be believed.

That said, the Defenses looked like sieves, which could bode well for the Ti-Cats in their quest to unseat the Als atop the East Division. The Als' D gave up some big plays, with Wes Cates finding a lot of running room, and Darian Durant throwing FIVE TDs. If the Cats are on their game, it looks like they could carve up the Montreal Defense.

Side note: I'm 0-1 in my weekly picks, having taken the Als over the Riders. That's OK, though. This means that with an Argos loss tonight (likely) and a Ti-Cat win tomorrow (probable), the Cats will be in first place for the first time since... I don't even want to know.

Anyway, what an absolutely fabulous way to begin the 2010 season. The other six teams are going to have one hell of a time topping that.

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  1. The 13th man just about did them in again! Pins and needles, but knew that with the heart the Riders were playing with, that they would get that monkey off their back. Heart and perseverance are the mainstay of this team and they are a true pleasure to cheer for.