Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'm Back (and I'm Bringing Friends)

I was hoping that making this announcement would come after a more joyous day for Tiger-Cat fans – like, say, following a Grey Cup win and victory parade – but that was not to be. The Ti-Cats, for a second straight year, were unable to win it all, but that will not put a damper on the news that, yes, Blogskee Wee Wee is coming back!

Two years ago, most of you reading this will know that I stepped away from the keyboard. There were many factors that played a role in my decision to stop, but the two biggest ones were time and desire. The time commitment became too much and, frankly, I just felt like I had nothing left to say (some of you might think I never had anything to say) and did not want to continue just for the sake of continuing. But the desire is back and the time is there, so I figured it was time to dust off the ol' keyboard and get back at it.

But what good is a sequel if we don't take a tried formula and add a new wrinkle or two, right? I am happy to announce that Mark Fulton (who you may know on Twitter and the Ti-Cats/CFL forum as FenderGuy69) will be joining the team as our East Division analyst (and his inaugural post will be up tomorrow). Mark has a keen analytical mind and you will find few people who understand the game of football more than he does.

I am equally as excited to announce that the role of West Division analyst will be filled by Eric from Eh Sports Opinions. The Winnipeg native, and Blue Bomber fan, knows as much about the CFL as anyone out there and will help provide a non-Tiger-Cat perspective on things.

Finally, I would like to announce that we are also launching a podcast in the new year. The Podskee Wee Wee podcast will be co-hosted by myself and Mike Graham (aka Mike_Ticats on Twitter), and will cover a wide range of CFL topics. Mike is a rabid CFL fan and I know you will enjoy his no-holds-barred opinions.

I, of course, will still be looking mainly at the Tiger-Cats, but the hope is that with the help I am receiving we can expand our coverage and tackle more topics that interest the fans of all nine CFL teams (yes, even you Argos fans).

So there are plenty of things, both new and old, to look forward to with the new and improved Blogskee Wee Wee. I hope that this incarnation will live up to the standard I tried to set all those years ago.

Cheers, everyone, and let the fun begin... again.

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