Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Unofficial: Ti-Cats Cut Nick Graham

I've gotten in trouble for using Twitter as a source before, but I think this one is pretty safe. According to his Twitter account, it sure sounds like Nick Graham has been released by the Ti-Cats.

At around 8PM tonight, Graham sent the following tweet out:
Now, as I said, I've jumped the gun because of Twitter before, but if this doesn't imply that the Cats have released him, then I don't know what it means. So let's operate under the assumption that the Tabbies have released Graham.

The Ti-Cats signed Graham last August after he was released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In four games with the team, he picked up 22 tackles.

With all the moves the team made on the defensive side of the football over the last few days, it's no surprise that the team released someone. Graham wasn't overly impressive during his time with the Ti-Cats, and the team signed two defensive backs over the weekend, Evan McCollough on Friday and Deon Beasley on Saturday, s it just seems like Graham was the victim of the numbers game.

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