Sunday 17 February 2013

Defensive Revamp Continues With Bowman Signing

The Ti-Cats spent Sunday remaking their defense even further by signing former Winnipeg Blue Bomber linebacker Marcellus Bowman to a contract.

Unlike all the other signings, this one isn't aimed at an area of weakness, but actually an area of strength. Bowman plays, mostly, weak-side linebacker, a spot on the Ti-Cats currently manned by one Jamall Johnson. Johnson is perhaps the best weak-side linebacker in the CFL, so it seems odd that the team would sign a player that plays his position.


Yes, I think it is entirely possible that Kent Austin could be making major changes to the Ti-Cats' linebacking corps. With Bowman and Simoni Lawrence (who was acquired from Edmonton as part of that five-player deal earlier this month) now on the team, the Ti-Cats could be looking to make changes to their most accomplished unit. Lawrence could push Rey Williams and Bowman could do the same to Jamall Johnson. And let's not forget that Markeith Knowlton missed 11 games last year and was replaced by multiple players, one of them current Ti-Cat Ricardo Colclough. It is possible, maybe even likely, that one or more of the feared trio could be out of Hamilton before the season starts.

But all this talk about which linebackers might be on their way out could be a bit premature seeing as Marcellus Bowman underwent knee surgery last week. Interesting that the Ti-Cats would sign him despite the injury.

Whatever come of this, you have to hand it to the Ti-Cats that they saw the defense was a problem and have gone about remaking it. The 2013 defense will look a lot different than the 2012 unit. We'll know in the summer if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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  1. They'd be crazy to try & replace Jamall Johnson. He's not easily replaceable! Bowman's highest # of tackles is about half of Jamall's average, and their level of play is on totally different levels. Let's hope this is just a back up role & not a huge mistake by the ticats.