Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ti-Cats Are On the Clock

With Winnipeg's win over the Montreal Alouettes on Saturday afternoon, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats officially finish with the worst record in the CFL this season, thus giving them the first overall pick in the 2013 CFL Draft.

Getting the first pick is a little like a backhanded compliment. It's great to be able to draft first, but it also means you stunk the year before. Also, this fifth time since Bob young purchased the team that the Ti-Cats have had the first overall pick. Those top picks have been: Wayne Smith (2004), Chris Bauman (2007), Dylan Barker (2008) and Simeon Rottier (2009). They also had the top pick in 2006, but traded it to Edmonton.

One thing you'll notice about all of those previous No. 1 overall picks: none of them are still with Hamilton. Perhaps the worst thing about the Ti-Cats, even when they were decent the last few seasons, has been their drafting. They have whiffed on picks or just plain not made them; Hamilton hasn't selected in the first round since 2009 because they've traded the pick (2011, 2012) or used it in the supplemental draft (2010). Hamilton's poor draft record is one of the reasons the team has non-import depth issues.

It is a little early to be wondering who the Ti-Cats will take (the draft isn't until May), but where the Ti-Cats should place their focus is pretty simple: along the lines. Whether it be the offensive or defensive line, the Ti-Cats need to be only look at the trenches with their top pick. This team needs an infusion of non-import talent along the lines and this is there chance to grab a player that could be a stalwart along one of the lines for a decade. This is an opportunity that cannot be squandered.

Tiger-Cat management, the ball is in your court. Oh, and you are now on the clock.

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  1. If you go back and look at the Cats draft history, it has never been good. A guy here or there turns out to be good and stays here. Most don't pan out and a lot bail to go home (Simeon Rottier, Paul Lambert).

    The Cats need to focus on what will help them in the long term. Not meaning drafting Moe Petrus and when he comes up here in 2 years, it might be worth while. What I mean is long term planning.

    The issue we have is that our non-imports (Canadians) don't have enough depth. This stems from them playing all over the field (2 or 3 receivers, 2 or 3 olinemen, 1 fullback, 1 d lineman, 1 or 2 Dbs/safety) What sucks about having them scattered is that you are constantly scrambling to find depth and good depth at that.

    The Cats need to follow the Alouettes plan. Play 5 non-import olinemen. Then you can start 2 receivers (Stala and Fantuz) with 2 okay back ups (Giguere and Campeau). From that point, all you need to do is draft olineman and receivers. When you have those positions set, you start drafting linebackers and defensive backs to be your backups and speacial teamers.

    Going all American on defense is the way to go. If you do use a Canadian (Hinds, Rwambakamba, Boudreaux) it's a plus and then you start more than 7 and gives you a ton of flexibility if a Canadian goes down. Say Stala goes down, you then can replace him with Kelly rather than Giguere.

    To me that just makes the most sense. Draft olinemen and receivers.