Friday, 7 September 2012

What's Wrong With the Cats; Baggs is a Stamp

Looks like Stevie Baggs is back in the CFL, this time with the Calgary Stampeders. I have made my thoughts known on the whole mess that went down between Stevie Baggs and the Ti-Cats, so I won't go into it any further. I wish him luck in Calgary where he joins Kevin Glenn, Chris Bauman, Marquay McDaniel, Mark Dewit, Tad Korengay and Demonte' Bolden in what I have dubbed "Hamilton West."

What's wrong with the Ti-Cats? It was a question I was asked by Drew Edwards on Wednesday and today you can see my answer. Drew decided he wanted to ask a smattering of people just what is wrong with the team right now. He got answers from Bob Young, George Cortez, Andy Fantuz, Avon Cobourne, Dave Naylor, John Salavantis, a CFL insider who wished to remain anonymous and myself. If this song popped into your head reading that list of names, you're not alone. Anyway, my answer was a simple one: change. Click the link and read my take as well as the take of the others.

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