Friday, 14 September 2012

Mitchell and Obie to Step Aside By 2014

There are sure to be a lot of happy Tiger-Cat fans with word that team president Scott Mitchell and vice-president of football operations Bob O'Billovich will no longer be in their respective roles when the team moves into their new stadium in 2014.

Mitchell has been a controversial figure, especially since he was the public face of the very nasty stadium debate between the team and the city. Mitchell's interests were the team's, not the city's, and he took a lot of flak, especially from west harbour advocates and people still haven't forgiven him for some of the things he said. But I had no problem with what Mitchell said or did during the whole fiasco, but I feel like I'm in the minority on that one.

But the more interesting tidbit, at least for football fans, is the revelation that Bob O'Billovich will move into a consultative role by 2014. We all knew that Obie's days as general manger were coming to an end, but we now have a somewhat firm date by which we can expect a new guy to be calling the shots in the front office. Obie has taken his fair share of criticism, especially from me, for some of the things he's done was general manager, but he did help bring the team out of its so called "dark period" and become a team that people take seriously. Things don't look all that great at the moment, but Obie did a pretty good job of turning around the league's laughingstock.

Now let the speculation begin on who will replace each man.

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