Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Look at the New Uniforms

After months and months of speculation, we finally know what the uniforms will look like.

For the most part, I like them. I really like that the team has given a tip o' the cap to the history of the franchise with some of the changes they've made. I like the return of stripes on the sleeves, and the gold numbering and lettering on the home jersey. I like that they did the contrasting sleeves on the away jersey (that is a holdover from the last jerseys).

The only complaint I have is that I would have liked to see white sleeves on the home jersey, if just to change it up a bit. The jerseys are very black. That said, they look quite good in person. I think the team and Reebok did an excellent job.

I have seen the other uniforms, and I think the Cats and Argos are the best. Winnipeg's look good, if a bit busy, and Montreal's look the exact same (there might be some slight changes, but I don't see them).

Tomorrow, the West Division teams will unveil theirs, but as of now, I think Hamilton slightly edges out Toronto for best looking new uniforms.

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