Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This Just Sucks

Everyone who has been reading me for awhile knows that I am a HUGE fan of Steven Jyles. I think he has all the tools to be a star in the CFL.

And today, the worst possible thing happened:

Jyles was traded to the Toronto Argonauts. In exchange for Jyles, the Blue Bombers acquired a first-round pick (4th overall) in the 2011 CFL Draft and a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2012 CFL Draft. That pick could become as high as a second-round pick depending on how many games Jyles plays.

I knew Jyles was never coming to Hamilton, since the Cats are set with Kevin Glenn, but the last team I wanted to see Jyles on was Toronto. He is going to be great for them, especially since Quarterback was one of the biggest weaknesses, if not the biggest weakness, that Toronto had last season. Cleo Lemon, playoff win or not, was terrible. Jyles is a significant upgrade.

This trade only makes Toronto better and more of a threat in the East Division. With Lemon taking snaps I figured the Boatmen were going to win no more than five or six games. With Jyles, who knows how high the Argos can climb. I still think Hamilton has the overall talent edge, but the Argos just closed the gap significantly by acquiring Steven Jyles.

1 comment:

  1. This trade only makes Toronto better*

    *IF Jyles is healthy enough to play.

    Lots of risk in this trade for both teams. The Argos' non-import depth isn't great and won't improve by giving away picks, and Jyles is not a sure thing at this point. Winnipeg can potentially improve their own weak NI depth (or even grab a starter) but take a gamble that the inexperienced guys they have can back up Pierce and play during his inevitable injury.

    Experienced QBs are worth everything though, so right now the edge goes to T.O.