Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cobb and Floyd Officially Released

We all knew that this news was coming sooner or later, but today the Ti-Cats released Running Back DeAndra' Cobb and Linebacker Otis Floyd.

Both players became expendable after the team signed Running Back Avon Cobourne and Linebacker Rey Williams two weeks ago.

I am not going to lie – watching Otis Floyd leave is tough. He was easily one of my three favourite players one the team since he joined Hamilton in 2009. He may have been my favorite player. I just loved the way he played. He exuded so much passion, and he brought a take-no-prisoners attitude that the Defense needed. Many times I have called him the heart and soul of the Defense, and to know he will never wear the Black & Gold again sucks. I have a beautiful #35 away jersey in my closet that I will wear with pride. Floyd was exactly the type of player that this Tiger-Cat fan always loves. Should he continue his career in another uniform, I will give him a standing ovation when he returns to Ivor Wynne in 2011. A guy like Otis Floyd deserves nothing less.

I don't want to give Cobb short shrift, but I'm more bummed by seeing Floyd leave than I am Cobb. I like Cobb, but he seemed to regress last season. I hope he finds his way onto another roster, and he was one of the players that helped turn Hamilton around. I will never forget the game against BC in 2009 when Cobb went off. A surprising win that showed that the Cats were on their way back.

It's a bit of a sad day for this fan. Good luck in the future to both Otis Floyd and DeAndra' Cobb. Thank you for the part you played in bringing respectable football back to Hamilton.

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  1. Farewell to the Force that Launched a Thousand Quips.

    Floyd is one of a kind, and I miss him already. I hope our D continues to practice what Otis preached. Should he ever play again at IWS, I'll be standing right along with you.

    Good luck to Cobb too. Good player at times, but better is better.