Monday, 9 March 2015

Podskee Wee Wee, Episode 4: The Favourites Show!

Episode 4 is here for your listening pleasure. Mike and I picked the mics to mostly talk about some of our favourite things about the CFL, both past and present. We also touched on the hailstorm of anger that came from a certain prairie province, and as always, answered some excellent questions from you, our listeners.

This episode actually goes pretty long, clocking in at over 83 minutes, so I hope you like the sound of our voices, because you are about to hear both for longer than usual.

If you haven't already, remember that you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking the button below. And any comments or ratings you could leave on iTunes would be greatly appreciated. And of course, feel free to sound off in the comment section. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Enjoy the show!

P.S. We have a special treat for you guys and gals this time around. The reason for posting these will make much more sense once you listen to the show.

Here is your giant-headed scribe with former Tiger-Cat linebacker Otis Floyd:

And this is a 1972 Grey Cup commemorative lunchbox I own:

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  1. Alan "Dirt" Cooper11 March 2015 at 16:05

    Another good podder

    Here are my favs

    Game - 96 grey cup (I say this was a much better game than 89 and when you throw in the snow it's just amazing how much offense there was in the game)

    Game attended - 13 East Final

    Fav Ticat team - 86 when you look at that team and see who was on that team it's amazing that they were only 9-9

    Fav Ticat - Steve Stapler

    Fav non Ticat - Doug Flutie

    Fav all time play - the Milt Steagal no time on the clock TD for 80+ yards for Wpg to beat EDM

    Fav play from 2015 - Banks' 2nd East Final run back

    I think that's all. Interested in your comments on these.

    Some qs for a future podcast:

    Did SSK make a mistake firing their coaches after they were first place half way thru last season and then lost Durant? I think it was a mistake.

    Can Lefevour be a started? He had 1 good game of 300+ yards. I don't think he'll much more than a back up.

    Where do you see the CFL in 5 years? Ratings have been down the last couple years and with the Toronto stadium issue in Toronto and the flounderi g US dollar, I foresee some lean years. The bubble has burst a little bit in the CFL but I hope the momentum picks up again.