Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Podskee Wee Wee, Episode 1

Back when I announced the return of the blog, I mentioned that I would be starting a podcast with my friend Mike Graham. Well after getting all our ducks in a row, Episode No. 1 is ready for your aural consumption (I am working on getting it uploaded to iTunes and will have more information on that when available). Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Good start guys

    How often are you going to do this?

    Williams is the better kick returner. Banks is probably quicker but Williams seemed to do a lot more and Williams was more of a complete player just like Thigoen.

    If we lose Bamks we still have Sinkfield and McDuffie.

    The key to a kick returner is versatility. He needs to play another position. Banks was fine at receiver but Williams was better.

    (I know you ha e written an article about it but......) would you take Williams back? I would in a heartbeat. He left on bad terms and he did have a contract but he tried the NFL, like Medlock) and couldn't latch on.

    I agree with you Josh that Lefevour is questionable at throwing which is why I wouldn't want him as my starter because that's a recipe for disaster when he runs too much.

    I had the same doubts when we signed Collaros but I am pleasantly surprised at how well he played.

    I totally disagree with you about the need for a number 1 receiver. The Cats really don't have a guy like that. A number one needs to draw double coverage and be a deep threat down the field. Tasker and Fantuz would be close to number ones but I would consider them possession receivers who don't go deep.

    It's all about line play. You get good line play you can sit back and pick a defense apart. You need receivers who run good routes and come back for the ball. The Cats don't have a deep threat and we made the Grey Cup.

    Ottawa's problems were a terrible o line and not a sustained run game. Burris wasn't the reason they stunk.

    As for Ticats RBs, I would like to go with Grigsby and Madu. Haven't been a fan of Gable at all. I think Madu is a harder runner between the tackles and is a better blocker, but who am I liddding we never run the ball.

    I find Gable to be like Chevon Walker. Likes the open space, not great between the tackles, always looking to kick it outside and his blocking skills need to improve.

    The running game looked better when Grigsby was in there.

    Agree that there were way too many penalties this year. Refs were told to look for more holding calls this year.

    Questions for the next podcast:

    Who should the Cats target in free agency?

    Who should we look to draft?

    What are our options for a backup?

    What is the weakest position that we need upgraded?

    Will the Grey Cup be in Hamilton in 2 years?

    Will the Cats make the Grey Cup next year?

    Thoughts and opinions on the new stadium? (I like it but it's not Ivor Wynne, I miss our old poopbox)

    What to do with Brandon Stewart?

    How losing Delvin Breaux will hurt the secondary next year?

    How long will Austin stay? And will he give up one of his roles anytime soon?

  2. During the offseason, the plan is to do one every three or four weeks. Once the season starts, we will be going weekly.

  3. Mike was very negative in the shotgun hand-off. Was wondering both your thoughts on the use of this play compared to the NFL draw play. I understand on the goal line it should rarely be used and a sneak or quickdive should be called. However, when not on the goal line in the NFL the draw can be just as effective as the play action pass and creates some of the most exciting run plays and has you yelling at the TV as it is hard to believe how much this play beats the defense on occasion. Unfortunately in the CFL, the QB going under centre almost always screams run. Thoughts...