Thursday, 6 December 2012

Three Questions: Calgary Stampeders

The off-season is underway and every team faces questions. Today, I look at three questions concerning the Calgary Stampeders.

1. Glenn or Tate?
This one is a no-brainer; this is Drew Tate's team and this is Drew Tate's job. Now, Calgary would be wise to keep Glenn around in case Tate gets hurt once again – man I hope he's not going to end up being another Buck Pierce – because Glenn proved very capable in helping Calgary win 11 of the 17 games, including playoffs, he started. Both should be back in Cowtown next season and the pecking order should be the exact same as it was at the start of last season.

2. Can Cornish top his 2012 season?
Jon Cornish had, by many accounts, the best season a Canadian running back has ever had. He broke an over 50-year-old record for rushing yards and became the first Canadian to lead the league in rushing in almost 25 years. Cornish was the main catalyst in Calgary's run to the Grey Cup. Now what can he do for an encore? He is just 28 and this was his first year as a full-time starter, so his body is not as beat up as other backs his age. I fully expect Cornish to be at the top of his game next year. He may not eclipse the numbers he put up in 2012, but he'll still be a dangerous weapon and a key cog in everything Calgary does on offense.

3. Are they the favourites for the Grey Cup next year?
Before free agency, the draft and the annual coaching carousel, it is hard to pick who is the favourite to win the Grey Cup, but I'm going to do it anyway. I think Calgary is the favourite to get back to the big game and win it. The Stamps have the best 1-2 quarterback combo in all of football (perhaps only behind the San Francisco 49ers), a stud running back just hitting his prime, a talented defense that can play with anybody and one of the bets coaches in the game. It may be early, but don't be surprised if the Stampeders are hoisting the Grey Cup in Regina next November.

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