Thursday 22 December 2011

Hinds Signs Extension

The Tiger-Cats made their first significant player move today, signing Defensive Back Ryan Hinds to a contract extension. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Hinds is one of Hamilton's best Defensive Backs, but his 2011 season was marred by injury. His absence clearly hurt the Tiger-Cats, and a healthy Hinds in 2012 could make a big difference.

Hinds's passport cannot be overlooked either. The fact that he is a Canadian playing a position that is typically manned by an American, Hinds allows the Tabbies to play an American at another position. The rapid development of Hinds has been a boon to the team, and his second-round selection in the 2009 CFL Draft might go down as one of the best ones the team has made in the last five years.

While the Cats are no doubt grooming Chris Rwabukamba to be Hinds primary backup, it is never a bad thing to have another Canadian that could fill in. The recently released Tamon George might be worth a look.

It is nice to have Hinds locked up, as he is an important cog on Defense.

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