Monday, 29 March 2010

Belli Suspended

Argo Defensive Lineman Adriano Belli has been suspended for the first game of the 2010 CFL Regular Season.

Adriano Belli is one of the biggest A-holes in the CFL, and it surprises me none that he would get a suspension for showing a "pattern of inappropriate behaviour." He apparently went into the Alouettes' dressing room before the Argos' November 7th game against Montreal.

This is beyond inappropriate. I can't believe all he is getting is one game. This guy has made the CFL look bad time and time again. He's a complete fool and an absolute disgrace to the league. He comes off as this lovable, goofy character off the field, with his whole Kissing Bandit routine, but the guy is a shameless self-promoter who does more harm than good.

The CFL doesn't need clowns like this ruining the image of the league. The best thing the Tiger-Cats ever did was tell this piece of human waste to take a hike. Now if only the Argos, and the rest of the league, would do the same.

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