Sunday 21 February 2010

Boatman Cut QBs Joseph and Pickett, LB Moreno

So it looks like the Toronto Argonauts are starting back at square one. The Argos released both their starting Quarterbacks from last season today when they announced that former CFL Most Outstanding Player Kerry Joseph and semi-starter Cody Pickett had been let go. Also released was former Tiger-Cat Linebacker Zeke Moreno.

The QB moves are interesting since the Argos now have no QBs on their roster with any CFL experience. As Perry Leftko pointed out it smells like one of the BC Lions' FIVE QBs will be headed to the Big Smoke. I don't know who makes more sense between Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson. Pierce has been injury prone, but it's not like Jackson has been a model of health either. My gut says Pierce because he is younger. But I wouldn't be shocked if it was Jackson.

A trade between the Lions and Argos would also be interesting because of the ownership situation. David Braley owns both teams, and issues regarding the fairness of a deal between the two teams could spring up. The deal makes sense from a financial and player standpoint. The Lions have too many QBs; the Argos, too few. Pierce and Jackson make starter's money, and with Casey Printers now fully entrenched as the Lions starting QB (and due for a HUGE pay raise) it only makes sense for the Lions to ship Pierce and Jackson out. I have no doubt that one of Pierce or Jackson will be wearing Double Blue soon.

How does a player three years removed from being voted as the best player in the entire CFL become unemployed so soon? Kerry Joseph looked done last year in Toronto, but this can't be the end of his story. I suspect someone like Winnipeg will give him a serious look, and perhaps he could be the starter on Opening Day when my Tiger-Cats visit Winnipeg on July 2nd. I've always liked Joseph. I will never forget when he threw an 82-yard pass at the Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge in Hamilton in 2008. That was only two years ago, and it was just a few months after Joseph was named the MOP of the CFL. He must have some gas left in that tank. A team will be getting a good one, at least for a season or two, if they go get Joseph.

All the talk of the QB cuts in Toronto has relegated the news of Zeke Moreno's release to beyond the back page. Moreno is another player who must have some mileage left. He was fantastic when he played here in Hamilton just a couple of seasons ago. Could a return to the Black & Gold be in the cards? Would the fans of Hamilton want to see Zeke & Destroy return for another go-around with the Tabbies? I wouldn't mind, but our Linebackers are among the best, if not the best, in the entire CFL, so I don't see where Moreno would fit. I doubt highly that Moreno will return. I see Saskatchewan or Winnipeg as the likely landing spot for him.

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